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Portable may refer to: Portable building, a manufactured structure that is built off site and moved in upon completion of site and utility work Portable classroom, a temporary building installed on the grounds of a school to provide additional classroom space where there is a shortage of capacity Portable toilet, a modern, portable, self-contained outhouse manufactured of molded plastic In computing: Portable object (computing), a distributed computing term for an object which can be accessed through a normal method call while possibly residing in memory on another computer Software portability, software that can easily be ported to multiple platforms Portable applications, applications that do not require any kind of installation onto a computer, and can store data in the program's directory In electronics: Portable electronics Portable communications device, a wearable or handheld device Portable audio player, a personal electronic device that allows the user to listen to recorded or broadcast audio whilst being mobile Portable computer, a computer that is designed to be moved from one place to another Compaq Portable series (1982–?) Apricot Portable (1984) IBM Portable Personal Computer (1984) Macintosh Portable (1989–1991) from Apple Computer Handheld game console, a lightweight, portable electronic machine for playing video games In film Portable Film Festival at In music: Portable Life, a 1999 album by Danielle Brisebois Portable Sounds a 2007 album by TobyMac.


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